Ages 6-12, Half day or full day, start at $370 Mon-Fri package . 3 locations at Kirkland,   Bellevue-Factoria and Renton 

8 to 20 guests, bring your own light food, paint with guidance and have fun!  kids teens birthdays, or adults team-building Bachelorette Reunion. At 3 locations

Your choice of drawing or painting from our hundreds of art samples, kids only or with parents.  1hr, 1.5hr or 2hr. Book Kirkland   Bellevue   Renton

Our Most Popular Art Program

AL Studio is founded and run by local artists since 2011, 3 locations in Kirkland, Factoria and Renton. with over thousands of long term students who were studying fine art .  AL studio offers in studio simi-private art classes, camp, art party, and online classes, art enrichment at local schools. Students learn techniques used by classical artists which include how to use pastels, watercolors, oils, pencils, etc. Our instructors are from Seattle local, west states and China, all have an art major degree and art education experience.
Every AL Studio art class that we offer is uniquely created for you with true warmth and care. Our mission is for you (or your child) to relax, feel inspired, explore all kinds of art topic, learn techniques and genuinely express yourself in our caring, encouraging creative art sanctuary! You will have beautiful artwork in hand to display on your walls as a symbol of how creative you truly are!
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AL Studio淘淘画室由淘淘Zoey创立于2011年,美国艺术家加盟,现有Kirkland, Bellevue-Factoria 和 Renton 分部。被西雅图少儿杂志推荐本地前十名画室,小班个别辅导,历年来学生获奖众多 。有每周班,亲子课,生日派对,夏冬令营, 成人休闲画坊等。以美国艺术教学大纲为主,学习彩铅/色粉/素描/水彩/油画。辅导员统一教材教学,全部具备美术本科或更高学历。更多请查看:    学生画廊   历年竞赛作品   画室辅导员简介