Students Art Gallery


Learning to draw from basic lines & shapes : circles, triangles, rectangles, and to create a fun art piece

• Excises start from basic shapes
• Pencil, eraser, marker, oil pastels, watercolor
• Learning all color names and basic color mixing

• One on one personalized instruction
• 1:4  teacher student ratio, 1 hr class
• Encourage to add their own imagination


Learning tonal values, contrast, perspective; More of knowledge of mixing colors and 3D concept

• Learning technique of using chalk pastel, watercolor, pencil, colored pencil
• Explore children’s favorite subject such as animals,  household and daily life

• One on one personalized instruction
• 1:5 instructor students ratio
• Encourage to be creative while be able to handle coloring techniques


Intensive training of 3D concept & still-life, from monochrome to color

• Advanced pencil sketching, watercolors, pen, acrylic and oils painting
• start to learn proportions, artistic anatomy of the face, gestures

• 1:7 instructor students ration
• Exposed to famous masters and their techniques
• Create their own works of art, portfolio preparation


Relax and enjoy some art time here, whether you are serious learner or want some Me-time. Beginner and Intermediate are all welcome

• Chalk pastels,watercolors, pencil, acrylic and oils painting
• Landscape, animals, portrait, stilllife, etc

• 1:7 instructor student ratio in the class
• Family & holiday relaxing art time