Art Camp General Guideline

  • Ages 6 to 14  divided  into 2 groups, siblings welcome at the same camp
  • Explore pastels, watercolor, canvas painting, crafts, etc. at a group learning basis. Outdoor activities when weather permit. Read  Guidelines & Safety Rules  
  • A tour or book a one-time class are the best ways to find out whether your child will enjoy the week-long art camp.
  •  AL Studio will supply arts, crafts & traffic vest. There are also drinking water, air condition & restroom on site. All you need to do is bring your own pre-packed snack & lunch (full-day only).

How do we keep our students & staff safe?

  • 80% capacity @ 14 to 20 seats per session
  • Instructors are vaccinated and wear face masks; Customers  follow state requirement optional wearing.
  • Upgraded HVAC system with 3M allergen bacteria & virus air filters
  • Essential cleaning supplies, masks and soap are provided at all times, plus at the end of day disinfect/spray the entire studio with CDC approved sanitation protocols
  • Frequently leave the door open for better circulation, so bring warm layer of clothes for your child in Spring and Winter

2023 Mid-Winter Art Camp ⭐ 2 Locations

  •  16224 SE 48th St, Bellevue 98006, is at a house without residential, 7 campers capacity. See photos here
  •  1425 Market St, Kirkland 98033, 12 campers capacity, see photos here

2023 Mid-Winter and Spring camp⭐ Ages 6 to 12⭐Full-Day or Half-Day ⭐Register Now

  •  Book each day or several days, afternoon 1-3pm $65, morning 9am-12pm $75 per day, or full-day 9am-3pm $95.
  • 5% OFF for the same attendee sign up 2+days within a week. Enter promotion code 2CAMP at check out
  • 5% OFF for siblings, or current weekly class students; Enter promotion code 2CAMP at check out

It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.

It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.

2022 Summer Teens Art Camp ⭐ Ages 12 to 17⭐ Registration end

-This summer, Instructor Mia will be hosting AL Studio’s first teen workshops! These three-day workshops will be a great way for teen artists to stretch their skills beyond the regular class curriculum. The class will start with an instruction/demo, and then hands-on learning with a daily focus.

Workshop #1: Character Design
Are you a fan of comics + cartoons? Anime + manga? Have you always wanted to make your own characters and stories? This workshop will show you how to draw the human body and face, adjust the proportions, and accessorize your designs with clear narrative purpose

Wednesday (1-3pm): Anatomy + Silhouette/  Thursday (1-3pm): Face +  Expressions / Friday (1-4 pm): Setting + Storytelling
Materials: inking pens + colored pencils

Workshop #2: Gouache

Gouache is a versatile and satisfying art medium that illustrators have used for centuries. It’s thicker than watercolor, smoother than chalk pastel, and much more accessible than oil paint! Through this workshop, you will learn how to handle gouache in several different ways to achieve beautiful results!
Wednesday (1-3pm): Watercolor Style/ Thursday (1-3pm) :  Graphic Style/ Friday (1-4 pm): Still life
Materials: Gouache paint, watercolor paper, and soft bristle brushes (+ bring a small object from home on Day 3 for still life!)
  • Students are encouraged to sign up for all three days to get the complete lesson
  • 2-hr $55 per day, 2.5-hr $75 per day at Kirkland,  3-hr $79 per day at Factoria, or $175-$185 for all of 3 days
  • 5% OFF for siblings, or current weekly class students; Enter promotion code 2CAMP at check out

Summer Camp Daily Schedule (ages 6-12)

The earliest drop off time is 8:45am

Session 1
9:00-9:30 am: Art exercises & knowledge
9:30-10:30 am: Art project 1 : canvas painting
10:30-10:50 am: 1st Break
10:50 am–11:30 am: Art project 2: pastel, colored-pencil, watercolor
11:30-11:45 am: 2nd Break
11:45am–12:25 pm: Art project: pastel, colored-pencil, watercolor
12:30 pm: Half-day camper pick up

Session 2
12:30–1:00 pm: Lunch
1:00-1:45 pm:  Outdoor park (Kirkland only) or indoor game

Session 3
1:45-2:45 pm: Art project: colored pencil, pastels and watercolors
3:00 pm: Full-day camper pick up


Prefer not but it’s your final choice. we have lots of art project and activities going on without nap time, we are concerned he/she can’t concentrate during art time ( minimum 60 min. ), or gets tired by walking almost mile daily in summer. If you think your child is mature enough,  there are two exceptions when we could have a 5-year-old join our camp: with an elder  friend, we then suggest  half day camp, or with a caring older sibling, if for full day camp.

Yes, we always have 2 to 4  choices for campers, with different levels prepared in advance. We make sure it covers all ages in the camp, boys and girls favorite. We also make sure the younger campers take break every 1 hour, and older campers every 1.5 hr, different activities provide by ages as well.

For summer camp, yes 5 days are the package, 3 or 4-day package might be added after the camp starts on Monday or Tuesday, if we have spots left;
For Spring, Winter and Mid-winter, there are 1 day to 5 days choices.

You will not have to worry about familiarity with our studio since most of the kids who sign up for the art camps are new and there is social/play time dedicated for everyone to get to know each other and the art studio.  For art camps, we do not offer a free trial, but you are more than welcome to book a drop-in class, which would be $36 or up. or schedule a tour with us.

Unfortunately not. We are glad your children enjoyed the camp and appreciated your returning order, but the 2nd booking also adds work to our staff , such as: administration after hours to prepare forms & answer emails, inform the art instructors and manager; Also camp instructor needs to re-group campers, adjust teaching plan; Manager needs to update/ refill supplies inventory or may call an extra instructor to help. Therefore, one booking ahead of time definitely  saving us time, and give you lower rate.

If your child  has an injury, has a flu or is ill, please allow them to stay at home till they have recovered completely and contact us to arrange a different time.

Art Camp Cancellation Policy

  • Switch to a different dates of camp in this school break: Free of charge for the1st transfer, then $10 fee each transfer after that.
  • Use the credit for other art program at AL Studio within 2 months: such as classes, drop-ins, parties, Parents & Me, but sorry not for future camp. $20 transfer fee (waived for snow-day absent).
  • Cancel and refund:  $30 cancellation fee, then
  • 3 weeks before your scheduled camp: 100% refund
    2 weeks before your scheduled camp: 80% refund
    1 week before your scheduled camp: 60% refund
    Less than 1 week before your scheduled camp: 50% refund or 80% credit
    No Refunds after the THURSDAY before summer camp begins.
  • If you cancel part of the camp which received discount, i.e, muti-weeks, with a sibling, the non-discount part will reflect from your refund.
  • Any summer camp downgrade, will be charged $30 fee. i.e. Full-day changes to Half-Day, 5-days changed to 3-days in winter/spring

If a camp canceled by the studio due to low registration, we will notify you at least 4 calendar days before, and refund the entire fee.