Teen Classes-Factoria

We are OPEN in-person weekly classes and drop-in class now !

  • Shared space with younger children
  • Everyone doing individual art, 1:5-1:7 instructor student ratio, capacity is 8 in year of 2020 (regular capacity is 20)
  • To book one-time 2 or 3 hr class, click below the calendar sessions. All supplies are included with personalized instruction 
  • To book monthly package of 4 classes, Click the button for new or return student.  Optional bring your own or rent the colors. Early Bird $5 Off every month
  • Make up is easy: A missed class can be rescheduled at different sessions, before or after 30 days at both studios or online. Call (425) 502.9350 or (425) 803.9988 for less than 8 hours rescheduling

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How do we keep our students & staff safe ?
We are currently running at 30% capacity; Extend the break time to 30 minutes in between classes to maintain social distancing during pick-up and drop-offs.  All parents and students are requested to wear face masks. Essential cleaning supplies, masks and soap are provided at all times, plus at the end of the day we will disinfect the entire studio with CDC approved sanitation protocols.

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Kristine Clausnitzer      commented in Aug. 2020   ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
My daughter, Katie, had a wonderful time! She said everyone was safe and very socially distanced, and she got a lot help and support from the instructors. We will definitely be back!


If you sign up one child,  please either pay for two drop in fees, or pay for the full month tuition and reschedule the missed class on different days.
If you sign up 2 siblings, for twice a year- typically apply to summer and winter holidays – they can together pay 4 classes per month, without siblings 10% discount and only one of your child can be present at each class.

You can pay for a Drop-In class, just book online or call ahead of time to make sure there is space.

Yes. The younger one can come to class after an hour. Our classes are not separated by age, rather, each individual is taught differently based on their level.

Bring in some of their artwork examples so that we can see where their level is at. Our instructor will discuss with your teenager what medium and subject he/she would like to learn, what is his/her goal, plus recommendation base on our experience.

Yes there is a class for parents, and both of you get 20% off the tuition! It’s better to take the same time class with your child, and learn according your level.

Cancellation Policy

  • Missing class can be made up at either Bellevue or Kirkland studio location, 30 days before or  after the missing date. Use online reschedule form is the most effective way, or call for the same day make up.
  • Pause : There is no fee if you use our website online booking system or pay with cash; or $10 admin fee if pay by phone or in person after pause,  which is waived if you pay in advance  before taking break .
  • If you are on autopay, please notify us by EMAIL before the 20th. Credit are 100% transferable within 3 months.
  • Cancellation: Registration fee  are non-refundable
  • Before the class starts, 100% credit may transfer within 3 months, or 70% refund of tuition, 100% refund of art supplies or tool rental. Once the class starts, no refunds in tuition, may transfer prorated credit and use within 3 months.
  • Snow Day Make Up : Snow days closure announced by AL Studio, which follows local school district, can be make up before June 30 at the same year, choose any studio open days convenient for you